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I hope you enjoy Casa Mondella blog posts and I hope you like my website too – at www.casamondella.com.au


Like many others, I have a love of all things Italian that extends to its food, culture and of course the shopping opportunities.

I started a website www.casamondella.com.au as a way to support small Italian businesses that make products where they are traditional made, and from what they are traditionally made from.  This started as a response to my nostalgic attachment to these small products made by artisans that are now seemingly being made elsewhere in the world, and ironically being shipped back to Italy to be sold there.

I wanted to sell items made by individuals who I know and not an impersonal production line.

I hope you like the selection of Italian products I have, most make fabulous gifts and gift wrapping is included upon request at no charge.



About marbled paper …

Art imitates Life   These simple notebooks are made in Venice – supplied by an artisan who only speaks Venetian dialect – the real deal, which whilst wonderfully authentic its tricky to communicate! Venetian paper makers traditionally began with viscous oil based paints well known to venetian artists since the late middle ages. Until the …

Yesterday Venice hosted its 45th Vogalunga, begun by a group of Venetians to raise awareness of damage caused by the growing number of powerboats in their fragile Venezia. Last year I was lucky enough to be in Venice and witness the Vogalunga, an incredible non-competitive non-motorised 30 kms race around the Venetian lagoon, through the …


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