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WOODEN PRODUCTS by Pacio: Lombardy, Italy.

Pacio is a gentle giant, a former sporting legend, he now continues the age old tradition of wood carving alongside his beautiful smiling wife, Teresa.

Since he was a boy he has always enjoyed working with wood, evident from his craftsmanship and the care he puts into making each piece. He proudly and skilfully crafts practical olive wood boards and kitchen utensils alongside whimsical wooden figurines and keyrings.

From Pacio's workshop high up in the hills overlooking Lake Como he can see as far as Switzerland, surely one of the best offices in the world.

Pacio uses Olive wood sourced from Southern Italy and at times Albania to make these beautiful boards, ideal for serving anything on.


Olive wood board - Large
Olive wood board - Regular
Olive wood board - small
Olive wood boards - Regular and Large
Olive wood bowl
Olive wood butter/pate knife
Olive wood cheese knife
Olive wood grater - small
Olive wood heart shaped tray
Olive wood ladle - mid size
Olive wood ladle - small
Olive wood lemon juicer