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Deruta ceramics

The word ‘Deruta’ says it all - timeless and traditional. Extraordinarily beautiful ceramics with a soul, that always look fabulous.

Ceramics have been produced in the Umbrian hill town of Deruta since the early Middle Ages. It is said that the highly characteristic Deruta trademark ‘Raffaellesco’ dragon design was originally inspired by the frescos of Raphael. Each item is skilfully hand crafted throughout each step of production following traditional methods that have not changed in 500 years. The clay is sourced locally – nothing has been changed to this authentic product.

Sadly the number of artisans working in Deruta reduces each year as cheaper reproductions are made elsewhere in the world. This small family business employs family members and local craftspeople, generations of the same families have been working alongside each other for years keeping this tradition alive in Deruta.


Raffaellesco cutlery/pencil holder
Raffaellesco dinner plate
Raffaellesco entree plate
Raffaellesco jug - piccolo
Raffaellesco jug - small
Raffaellesco pasta plate
Raffaellesco small jug and sugar bowl
Raffaellesco small tray
Raffaellesco sugar bowl
Rooster jug - half litre
Rooster jug - litre size